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College in brief
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School of Journalism and Communication of Nanjing Normal University is established in April, 1995. The department of Journalism of Nanjing Normal College, the predecessor of School of Journalism and Communication, was founded in 1964. At the end of 2001, subject Journalism was awarded “Key Disciplines of Journalism of Jiangsu Province” by Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government. It turned out to be the only faculty which possesses a Key Discipline of Journalism in Jiangsu Province. 

There are 68 faculty members at the School, including 52 full-time teachers, 11 teachers who have already owned positive senior professional titles, 16 teachers who have owned senior vice titles and 27 who have already obtained doctoral degree or are studying for a doctoral degree. The School consists of the following departments: Department of Journalism, Department of Radio and TV Journalism, Department of Advertising, Department of News Photography, Journalism Lab and Institute of Media and Rural Social Development Research Center. Besides that, Jiangsu News Talents Training Center is also attached in the School. The School has four undergraduate majors and seven professional directions that are Journalism (including Journalism, Network News, Sports News and News Photography), Radio and TV Journalism, Radio and TV Editing and Directing and Advertising. School has four Master Programs in Journalism Science, Communication, Journalism and Radio and TV Arts And in 2005, School of Journalism and Communication is approved to establish the first Journalism Ph.D. Program in Jiangsu Province.

School of Journalism and Communication attaches great importance to communication and exchange with all walks of life and strengthens the whole staff and students’ connection with the academic circles. Moreover, the School has established good rapport with universities and research centers at home and abroad.